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How to Brand Your Business: 3 Basic Elements for Entrepreneurs

What is a brand? Why is it so important to dedicate time to your brand? eep reading this article to see what elements are essential to build an unforgettable and distinguishable business brand.

4 Ways to Elevate your Business’s Marketing

“How can I expand my brand?” “How can I make more money?” Here are some examples of ways you can elevate your marketing strategy and expand your business.

3 Apps that are Essential to Plan your Social Media Content

It is no secret that having a good understanding on social media platforms is an important part in getting brand recognition and awareness, as well as, engaging with your target audience. However, it may be overwhelming to create, schedule, and publish content for different platforms, because they are all designed for different people. Therefore, planning your content beforehand plays a pivotal part in elevating social media strategies and giving you some peace of mind.

Instagram Pages to Boost Your Entrepreneurship: Branding and Content Related

Real talk: If your business does not have social media, you are depriving yourself of being seen by many people. Specifically, on Instagram Business that there are over 200 million business accounts that people visit everyday. It’s highly recommended to showcase your work or your product in this platform due to its social media essence and audience in order to reach any generation after Gen Y (picture/video-description grid layer).

How to Develop your Brand’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Chances are, you created your startup for a specific purpose with a specific set of values in mind. Perhaps you have even imagined where your business could be 20, 30, or even 50 years from now. You know what your goals, dreams, and ideals for your business are. If you want to find a way to share those with your customers, this article is a must-read for you!

Our Best 6 Essential Tips For Pitching Your Business Idea

Our Best 6 Essential Tips For Pitching Your Business Idea March 5, 2021 – Kalya Nuñez A great business pitch is key when looking for exposure for your startup, whether you are looking for investing and funding opportunities or selling directly to a client. Master your pitching skills with our top 6 tips for pitching […]