3 Apps that are Essential to Plan your Social Media Content

October 5, 2021 – Loriel Chung

Do you know what a wedding, a Resume Workshop, and social media content all have in common?
Lots of Planning!
It is no secret that having a good understanding on social media platforms is an important part in getting brand recognition and awareness, as well as, engaging with your target audience. However, it may be overwhelming to create, schedule, and publish content for different platforms, because they are all designed for different people. Therefore, planning your content beforehand plays a pivotal part in elevating social media strategies and giving you some peace of mind. 
Entrepreneurs wear different hats while working on their ventures and marketing their products and services on various social media platforms is only one of them. Here are some content planning apps that the PG marketing team uses to facilitate a stress-free content planning process.

1. Trello: Collaborative Content Calendar

Trello is a simple, user-friendly collaboration tool that enables different team members to organize projects and everything that pertains to them in workboards. At Perspectivas Globales we swear by Trello… seriously, it is our go-to tool for everything task-related.

App Perks:

It’s mobile-friendly: You can use Trello from your laptop, tablet, or cellphone and its interface is similar on all devices.
Accessible: All the items relating to a specific project can be found on a single page.
Plenty of features with the free version: Once you sign-up, you have access to almost all of the important features like creating boards, adding members, assigning tasks, and setting deadlines with its pertinent reminders.

Marketing POV:

A Trello board can be utilized to create a Social Media Content Calendar where different team members can add cards and be in sync in terms of what content is being put out. You can customize the calendar however it suits best to your team. For example, you can divide each column by Social Media Platform, Day of the Week, or Type of Content. The beauty of Trello is that you can customize your board however you like, whenever you want. Plus, it also allows you to integrate a Calendar Power-up and Dates so you can be on top of deadlines.

2. Planoly: Instagram Grid Planner and Publisher

Planoly is a platform where you can visually plan, schedule, and manage Instagram posts to fit your company’s aesthetics. If you are thinking of focusing on Instagram as your main social media platform then Planoly will be your new BAF (Best App Friend!).

App Perks:

Web Interface and App: You can access Planoly on your desktop or use the on-the-go version on your smartphone.
One-stop-shop: You can manage, organize, and plan out your Instagram post and stories in one place.
Pricing: You can download a free version, however, to get the most out of the app you should consider a plan upgrade of $7/mo. But with all of the time you are going to save with automation, those $7 practically pay themselves.

Marketing POV:

Planoly is a great investment for someone who wants to market their business on Instagram. It allows you to visualize your Instagram profile before posting by drag-dropping and re-arranging your content to fit your business goals. It also provides templates for you to use in your own content and save for future posting. To top it off, it also lets you automate Instagram lives and stories.
Watch: Planoly 101

3. Canva: Content Creation, Integrated Content Calendar, and Publishing

Where would we be if Canva did not exist? Canva is a graphic design platform that has thousands of templates you can customize to fit your brand. From social media graphics to eye-catching presentations, Canva has got your back when it comes to user-friendly content creation.

App Perks:

Budget-friendly: Canva was created so small business owners could design their own graphics without breaking the bank or being an expert in digital marketing. The app’s free version has numerous templates and elements at your disposal. However, the upgraded version has many more perks that will take your business to a whole new level.
Design Variety:  From social media posts to brochures, Canva helps you create engaging content for your business.
Collaborative: You can collaborate with other team members to create show-stopping designs.

Marketing POV:

Canva is our Holy Grail for everything content-related. We particularly like the Content Planner Add-on (available with CanvaPro) where you can not only create your content in advance but also schedule and upload posts automatically from Canva to your preferred platform on the designated time and date. If you need to make a change to the schedule, you can easily edit the design directly without re-uploading the file.
Learn more: Canva Features
There you have it! Those are some apps we use on a daily basis to help plan our social media content. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight on where you can get started when it comes to promoting your business.
Do you use an app to plan your content that was not mentioned in this blog? Let us know in the comments.
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