Why Join Us?

We provide flexible spaces to work at, mentorship and industry-relevant alliances and partnerships, and one-on-one coaching for competitions and investor pitches!

Creative Spaces

We provide fully equipped co-working spaces, globally experienced business mentors, and fundraising assistance at no charge to qualifying local companies that are developing technology based businesses and/or plan to offer products or services to customers outside of Puerto Rico.


Mentors will assist the startups who are chosen for the program by offering their expertise, time and support. PG Mentors are hand-picked business leaders that have gone through the blood, sweat & tears of bringing businesses and ideas to life. This gives companies the security that what they are being told is essentially from personal experience & lessons learned.


We offer networking events and opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet and connect with entrepreneurs, business owners, and potential mentors that are relevant to their respective industries.


We are dedicated to fill the entrepreneurial education gap by providing learning opportunities through seminars and workshops.

Don't just take our word for it!

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