Our Past Interns

Since 2019, Interns have always ran Perspectivas Globales and all our projects; these interns helped shape Perspectivas Globales into what it is today. Interns often bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and new ideas to organizations, making them valuable contributors to the growth and development of a company. This allows students to gain practical work experience, apply their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios, and develop essential skills. Involving them in various projects allows them to learn, grow, and benefit from their contributions.

They also bring different skills and perspectives, as they may be more familiar with the latest trends and technologies. Therefore, they have a high level of motivation and eagerness to prove themselves, which positively impacts the projects they work on. Recognizing the contributions of interns and involving them in projects is a testament to the value they bring to Perspectivas Globales. It’s a win-win situation where they gain valuable experience, and the organization benefits from their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives.

Yalanis Vélez

Research Program Intern

Michael Delgado

Research Program Intern

Loriel Chung

Business Development Intern

Chaliana Rolón

Research Program Intern

Ariadna Quiles

Program Manager

Aleanis Ramos

Project Manager Intern

Jesús Rodríguez

Software Developer

Javier Melendez

Web Development Intern

Angely M. Toro

Research Program Intern

Kelsia Meléndez

Human Resources Intern

Alejandra Lam

Public Relations Intern

Elisa Flores

Business Development Intern

Alexander X. Rodríguez

Project Manager Intern

Kalya Núñez

Brand Marketing Intern

Jose Vazquez

Web Development Intern

Héctor Rodríguez

Web Development Intern

Kiara Perez

Communication Intern

Diego A. González

Research Program Intern

Dessiré Trinidad

Digital Marketing Assistant

Sureily Valentín

Communications & Outreach Intern

Enrique Nunez

Accounting Intern

Our Current Interns

IMG 9614

Sara Santiago

Comunication and Outreach Intern

Fernando Flores

Web Development Intern


Denisse Meléndez

Perspective Marketing Intern

Launched their own Start-up


Completed Graduate Programs


Impacted Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and the World

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