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Perspectivas Globales is…

An innovative and unique creative space devoted to educating, mentoring and empowering emerging and existing entrepreneurs in the West Side of Puerto Rico.

What Do We Have to Offer?

Collaborative Spaces

Every member of our program has full access to over 1,500+ square feet of collaborative spaces located in the heart of Mayagüez, P.R.


Our mentors provide guidance based on real-world experiences with diverse business industries.


We are dedicated to fill the entrepreneurial education gap by providing learning opportunities through seminars and workshops.


We offer networking events and opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet and connect with each other.

Impacted Startups


Industries Supported


Coffee Intake

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Our Experienced Mentors

Our experienced group of mentors have led teams of Fortune 500 Companies and worldwide famous brands like Red Bull.

We offer spaces for MeetingsStudyingRelaxingNetworkingCollaborations

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