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not your ordinary incubator...

PERSPECTIVAS GLOBALES is an incubator and accelerator program ready to take your idea or startup to the next level!

In our network, you will find

  • Guidance & mentorship
  • Exposure to investment opportunities
  • Competitions for materials and/or funds
  • Expert resources
  • A team ready to help you reach your strategic goals

Impacted 150+ entrepreneurs!

Our blog, seminars, entrepreneurial talks and mentors have impacted over 150 entrepreneurs! What is keeping YOU from joining PERSPECTIVAS GLOBALES today?

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Aidymar Bigio

Sr. Director Facebook

Dr. Beatriz López

Experienced Investor, Educator, Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Bobby Brown

General Sales Manager at Red Bull



Dr. José Meléndez

President & Founder

"I am a fanatic about building stronger communities and helping people live in happiness."

Ariadna Quiles

Program Manager

"In me you will find a hard-working woman that is genuinely happy to see others succeed and catch their dreams."

Jesús F. Rodríguez

Web Developer

"No matter how long the road is, the sacrifice will pay off."

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What Type of Leader Are You?

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