10 Puerto Rican Podcasts That Will Help You Elevate Your Business Today

July 21, 2022 – Loriel Chung

These days choosing a podcast to listen to is like a never ending scroll of hundreds of options to choose from and not much of the listening part. Am I right?
We’ve been there too. Luckily for you we already did the searching part so you don’t have to… you can thank us now.
Here are some of our favorite business podcasts from Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and creators that will give you a different perspective of how business is done in Puerto Rico. 

1. Café on a Budget

If you are looking for tips on how to manage your finances and start building your path to financial stability then start listening to this podcast. Host Suhailly and Manuel are University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus alumni that have achieved early retirement from their corporate jobs by having a financial plan and putting it into practice. Now, they want to share with the world some financial tips and tricks so that more people can achieve financial stability and live a life of freedom.

2. Emprendimiento Emocional

Have you ever felt stuck in your business venture? Feeling unmotivated with your business? Meet Dr. Marielí Ríos, a business professor and entrepreneur that has helped hundreds of people manage and conquer self- doubts and fears entrepreneurs face when running a business. 
Utilizing the science of entrepreneurial psychology and emotional intelligence, Dr. Ríos believes that the feeling of stagnation comes from your own emotions and it is not only just business matters. In her podcast Emprendimiento Emocional, she shares different problems you might be facing and how to be proactive and resolve those problems from the root of your emotions.

3. Empaqueta tu Cerebro

Calling all service-based entrepreneurs! Empaqueta tu Cerebro is a podcast with a mission to educate service-providers on how to monetize their services and create profits from those services. Lcdo. Alexiomar Rodríguez is a lawyer and CEO of Seed Law, the first legal platform for Hispanic entrepreneurs. He shares tools and tactics to encourage service businesses to be leaders within their industries and scale their businesses to share their knowledge with different audiences.  

4. Café Conversations

Friends of Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization based in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. They provide seminars and educational programs for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and contribute to the island’s economy. In their podcast, Café Conversations, they showcase real-life Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and how they have managed to create successful businesses. Hear what struggles and lessons some entrepreneurs have experienced while you sip a warm cup of coffee or tea… we don’t judge.

5. Empresarismo con Calle

Are you a fan of our Entrepreneurship Talks Series? Yes? Then you’ll love this podcast that interviews entrepreneurs from different industries and how being an entrepreneur in Puerto Rico helped differentiate them from the competition. Hosted by Manuel Cidre, founder of Los Cidrines- a leader of distributing, manufacturing and selling bakery products in Puerto Rico. 

6. INprende Podcast

Part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puerto Rico focuses on the education and development of rising entrepreneurs. INprende is a business founded to educate, develop and innovate within the entrepreneurial community. In their podcast, they share tools and practices that entrepreneurs can put into practice to further develop their business. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy when you are listening to the INprende Podcast and enjoy episodes full of tips and business knowledge.

7. Emprende Digital

Digital Marketing aficionados or Marketing enthusiasts this is the podcast for you. Host Francheska Vázquez is a Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience and founder of Lánzate Digital Agency. If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate social networks and digital marketing to your marketing strategy we recommend you binge-listen to Emprende Digital to acquire valuable knowledge of everything digital and other related topics from an expert in the field.

8. Jefas y Jevas

We at PG are all about #womeninbusiness empowerment! Jefas y Jevas is a podcast for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs. Hosted by Celina Nogueras a self-taught first generation latina investor and founder of Muuaaa Design Agency. If you identify as female this podcast is perfect to add to your list of weekly podcasts. Have a different perspective of what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur and build generational wealth.

9. eCommerce con Shopify

If your business is in the eCommerce industry have a listen to this podcast where ED Digital, a Shopify Experts Agency located in Puerto Rico, talk about what are the current best practices in the world of eCommerce and Shopify. If you are thinking of joining this industry we suggest you listen to eCommerce con Shopify to see if it suits your business needs.

10. Diseña, Construye y Emprende

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico created a podcast to not only showcase some innovative projects the University is working on but also have in depth conversations of how to design, build and innovate new ideas to build a business. As well as, discuss different parts of a business from cyber security to avoiding burnout. This podcast gives you a holistic view of what some Puerto Rican entrepreneurs learn in University. 
There you have it! Puerto Rico has a diverse talent pool of innovative individuals that are actively pursuing business in and out of the island. Are you or someone you know in need of business development and mentoring services? Be part of the Perspectivas Globales entrepreneurial community and group of individuals who are contributing to Puerto Rico’s local economy.  

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