Instagram Pages to Boost Your Entrepreneurship: Branding and Content Related

August 3, 2021 – Jesús Rodríguez

The Start

Real talk: If your business does not have social media, you are depriving yourself of being seen by many people. Specifically, on Instagram Business that there are over 200 million business accounts that people visit everyday. It’s highly recommended to showcase your work or your product in this platform due to its social media essence and audience in order to reach any generation after Gen Y (picture/video-description grid layer). 
Facts: According to a SocialMediaToday blog post on February 28 of this year, Instagram is the second social media with the most monthly active users with 1.16 billion accounts. Instagram is currently breaking the number letting business being seen with over 130 millions monthly clicks on commercials posts.
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With these four Instagram pages personally picked, you should be able to learn how to boost your online presence, whether it is on a website or on social media. At least, it will make you curious about it or let you know efficient ways to start.

@dainwalker – Branding Strategist

Meet Dain Walker, an Australian fellow obsessed with Branding, a designer who jumped the fence to finally help businesses to nail their engagement with people. He’s founder of Rivyl, the fastest-growing branding agency in Australia, and they focus on innovation, branding, marketing and being disruptive. Their clients reach New York, London, Japan, Los Angeles, Sydney, among others.
Besides his agency, his Instagram page (@dainwalker) can be helpful because of its huge amount of content for every type of business. There, you can learn how to do branding and marketing for your own venture, how to engage effectively with different types of clients, tips and strategies to boost up your business, and a lot more cool and educational content.
Dain Walker has more to show: Courses, Podcast, Youtube and Blog.

@morajdal – Brand Designer and Content Creator

Meet Moncef Arajdal, from Morocco, who started as a logo designer and now keeps his work improving visual identities of businesses by designing and crafting logos. He is also a content creator and branding designer. His latest projects on branding includes the Smart Solution Water Company (SSWB) and HeartFelt Clothing.
Arajdal’s Instagram page (@morajdal) offers helpful tips on how to match colors for your website and logo,  “Do’s and Don’ts” in common scenarios, also explain in some posts how to create a clean Product Design and help you with many posts to increase your brand awareness through social media.
Check out his Project Portfolio.

@design.gems – UI / UX / Product Design

Unlike the previous two Instagram pages that talk more about branding concepts, this one (@design.gems) shows plenty of Design Thinking. This page has multiple people working together in order to create rich content for its Instagram audience. They come up with posts talking (and showing) how to manage different clients, how to use User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), fonts and colors in favor of your business, clean and neat Product Design, and other interesting topics.
Furthermore, their posts have unique approaches so you can catch the Design Thinking, UI, UX, Fonts, Colors and Product Design concepts. They put things together and have different perspectives of web and product designing. You can learn about how to choose the right color or the right font for your brand. Also they talk about how to manage different clients, inclusive and accessibility designing and how to design a job interview.

@satisfied_user - UI / UX / IxD

UI, UX and…IxD? Yes! There is another: Interaction Design. This title is under the umbrella of the User Experience (UX) job, but with a different focus. A user experience designer shapes and designs the experience of using a product, nevertheless an interaction designer has to focus on creating engaging web interfaces using logical and thought out behaviors and actions.
This means that User Interaction Designer’s job is to enhance the user experience in that particular moment using the 5 Dimensions Framework: 1D: Words, 2D: Visual Representation, 3D: Physical Objects or Space, 4D: Time, 5D: Behavior.
Cool, right? This page uses a lot of IxD that would be super helpful for elevating your engagement with your current audience and to attract new audiences.


@lustrengththerapy - Stress / Muscle Pain

Surprise! I know you are wondering what an exercise page has to do with boosting my business. Well, it has too much to do with it. If you’re too stressed or you are in any muscle pain, your thinking and performance is not where you would want it to be. Be aware of your body, listen to it and take care of it: @lustrengththerapy.
An entrepreneur has either plenty of time behind their computer or too much time standing up, which is why it is important to have a page that will show you very simple and effective videos of exercises and stretches with few equipment needed or no equipment at all. You can find a lot of exercises posted there, but my favorites are those which work with the neck, traps and back stiffness and pain.
Stretch, stretch, and stretch! Your muscles will thank you in the long term.

The End

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