4 Ways to Elevate Your Business’s Marketing

March 9, 2022 – Kiara Pérez

The ever-present questions of every business owner are: How can I expand my brand? How can I reach more people? How can I make more money? Marketing is the all-encompassing science of what it means to establish, promote, and grow a new or already existing business. Marketing strategies are constantly changing day after day and year after year.
The truth of the matter is that there is no one cookie-cutter-way of marketing your business; there is no guarantee that what worked for someone else’s business will work for yours. However, there are some means that shouldn’t be overlooked in your marketing strategy.
Social media, for example, is a must for every business in the 21st century. No matter what you sell or what service you provide, a lack of social media presence WILL set you back. Learn more about the importance of social media as an important tactic here.
However, Social media isn’t the only important marketing tool. Here are some examples of ways you can elevate your marketing strategy.

1. The indispensable T-shirts!

Who DOESN’T love a t-shirt? T-shirts are a great way to get the word out there of your brand. They are convenient and the only action required is for the receiver to wear it. They bring attention to your brand in plenty of places both near and far from your place of business.
Encourage your employees (if you have any),your family, and friends to wear them to public places! Additionally, t-shirts could be sold as merch or they can also be gifted. Give them to your employees, valued customers, raffle them, etc! The possibilities are endless.
This tactic is especially effective if the design is memorable and could even serve as an elevator pitch, if designed correctly! It’s also highly unlikely to be disposed of, unlike business cards, for example, which are thrown away 80% of the time. So no need to see your hard-fought marketing efforts dumped in the trash!

2. Create educational content

In an ever-changing world, we have to adapt to changes in the public and what it means for us. Educational content is a good way to elevate the public’s opinion on your company. Therefore, by making people trust your brand more they will be more likely to spread the word around your business due to its willingness to be a change in the world.
It also builds your brand! Content variety is an important part of driving engagement. This in turn will yield more followers, more comments, more likes which could turn into valuable customers! 

3. Start a Blog on your website!

Perhaps one of the most mentioned marketing strategies here in PG, (for good reasons). Blog Posts not only build brand trust, they can be key to spreading the word to others about your website or business! They can be used to elevate the traffic in your website or socials and thus make your company pop up on more engine searches. It is a tedious and time consuming process at best. So how can you drive more traffic to your website?
Work out a posting schedule – some companies might be able to post every week, some might not. It doesn’t work the same way for everyone! Find a schedule that works best for you and your business needs.
Organization is key! – if for some reason you can’t meet the deadline, make sure you can recognize it beforehand! Adjust accordingly and don’t panic. It happens to the best of us.
Research a topic before writing – don’t be put off if you lack knowledge in a particular topic. Research it, take notes and make sure to credit accordingly. On the same note, even if you feel like you know a topic really well, refresh your memory on it. That way you can deliver your message as concise, educated, and updated as possible.
Ask a friend to proofread it – peer response is important. The more eyes there are, the less likely for a grammar mistake to slip by.
Assign a team – for those businesses who can, assign a team and have them take turns brainstorming and writing the content. Assembling a team will relieve you from always having the creative burden falling on you. Two (or more!) heads work better than one.
Still want to learn more? We have a Blog Post with a step by step guide on how to tackle your Blog Posts. Read our Blog Post here!

4. Referral Marketing

Perhaps the most overlooked tactic on this list, referral marketing refers to the customers who have gained previous knowledge or opinions of a product or service from family or friend recommendations. It’s powerful, effective and holds more value in a consumer’s mind than any other tactic used today. People are more likely to buy from word of mouth.
These customers are already exposed to a positive opinion of the product or service before even purchasing. So, how do YOU take advantage of referrals? Have a referral program! A referral program is a tactic where customers are rewarded for bringing in more customers by way of recommending the services or products. The rewards could be a gift, could be your products, a voucher etc! We encourage you to get creative.
We talked about 4 ways to help elevate your marketing. Now, which one are you most likely to delve more on? Which have you previously tried? Let us know in the comments below!
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