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How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: 6 Tips

Effective teamwork takes effort from all parts involved. But how can we be successful as a team? Find out how teamwork makes the dream work!

5 Steps to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

Want to have a collaborative and positive culture and environment? Read this article to find out how these steps can help you achieve that!

5 Tips to Successfully Influence Your Behavior in the New Year

Setting New Year’s resolutions is probably one of the healthiest traditions we have. It sets our mood up for improvement and gives us the chance to start better and smarter in the new year. When a year ends, we have the opportunity to look back from its beginnings, review all we have learned and create a whole new plan for the year to come.

How to Go from Failure to Success in 4 Steps

Failure is a constant part of life, whether it is in a test, interview or business. Many famous people have failed numerous times before making it big. Here are a few tips to help you deal with failure and help you rise up to success.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Running a business can be a stressful situation. This worry and tension can result in a diversity of negative effects including but not limited to occupational difficulties , burnout, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular problems like an elevated risk of heart attacks. These effects on the individual can lead to effects on the organization such as low productivity, absenteeism, and high turnover.

13 Inspiring Quotes to Motivate Small Business Owners

It is no secret that beginning a small business is not an easy task. It is a constant process of trial and error, learning from past mistakes and listening to your own inner voice to bring your idea to life.

Workforce-Family Interface: Conflict and Enrichment

As humans, we are all multidimensional beings. I don’t mean this in a spiritual or esoteric way. What I mean is that we play various roles across the different dimensions of our lives. Some of us are parents. Some of us are teachers. All of us are friends, neighbors, and daughters, or sons. All of us are members of a family, even if it’s just us, and if you’re reading this, you are probably a worker, a colleague, or an entrepreneur.

Human Behavior Insights to help you influence who you are

How often do you wonder about what humans do? The study of human behavior is not only relevant to psychology, but to every single human being. When we consider topics such as decision making, different types of attitudes, diverse cultures, ethics, heredity, human development, and authority; we are diving into human behavior. When we ask ourselves “why are our parents and friends the way they are?”, or “why do people get into conflicts?”, or “why is it so hard to change a routine?”, we are questioning human behavior.

Five Relaxing Time-Efficient Activities You Can Do

As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus a lot on our work, and rightly so. Our job is our passion and sometimes we can get so involved in what we do that we forget to take care of ourselves. However, as we pursue our passion, it is very important that we also dedicate some time to other things that help us grow, recharge our batteries, and destress.

Identifying Entrepreneurs: Some of the Different Types Encountered in an Incubator

According to the Census Bureau, during the COVID-19 pandemic more than 4.4 million new businesses were born due to furloughs, layoffs, business closures and other reasons. At the same time, various social media platforms made it easier for people to promote their businesses and communicate with their clients. Thus, introducing a group of new entrepreneurs who have been categorized into different types.