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4 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health as a Manager

The impacts of poor employee mental health are well-documented and can lead to a wide array of issues in the workplace from absenteeism, accidents, underperformance, increased hiring costs and more.

Adaptive Thinking: Adapt, Adopt & Evolve

According to Anders Ericsson, psychologist, and expert researcher, Adaptive Thinking involves the ability to recognize unexpected situations, quickly consider various possible responses, and decide on the best one. As you might expect, this ability is critical for high-stakes performance. While most people with adequate levels of skill and competency can usually perform well in routine circumstances, it is the ability to perform at a high level under unpredictable or stressful circumstances that often sets apart truly expert performers.

Leading Through Leaders: Lessons Learned from Hiring & Managing Successful Interns

Looking to hire new faces into your company? Don’t know how to manage third parties? Keep reading for some hiring-well practices! Plus, get to know how managing innovative & creative leaders has helped us reach success!

Keeping Employees Happy: An HR Guide for Managers

Large and small businesses are equally impacted by dissatisfied workers. In fact, over 46% of people in the United States have reported being unhappy with their jobs. Job dissatisfaction can be caused by a multitude of factors including unclear communication, poor work-life balance, limited career growth opportunities and more. As a manager or business owner, creating an environment that promotes worker satisfaction can make or break your business. Employee satisfaction plays a major role in retention and can even reduce company health costs due to less stressed and healthier employees. More satisfied employees are not only happier, but also more engaged, more productive, and less prone to absenteeism.

Taking Care Of The Mental And Emotional Health In The Workplace

I dare to say, taking care of your mental and emotional health is one of the most important tasks of an entrepreneur, and it is often underestimated. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) 1 in 5 US adults experience mental illness each year. Your mental health is part of your life as it impacts your thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Is also related to your physical health. A study done on the Effects of Mental Health on Physical Health concluded that positive mental health significantly retards irreversible midlife decline in physical health. One factor that can affect emotional and mental health is high levels of stress. As an entrepreneur, you might feel overwhelmed with all of the work that running a business has, feeling pushed to the brink, and some may feel anxious as you are constantly engaged.

How To Stay True To Yourself In A Professional Environment

Isn’t it satisfying to be good at what you do? If you’re a person with a job or a goal, chances are you want to be successful at it. That can be a challenge if you are not aware of how you feel, how you think, and how you act.

The Importance of Self-Confidence In The Entrepreneurial World

Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities that you can possess as an entrepreneur. Nobody is born with self-confidence. Rather, it is something that is learned through experience. Before you can master anything, you first have to practice it. If lack of confidence is holding you back from achieving success, it’s time to start flexing your confidence muscles.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Diversity and Inclusion in Startups

Have you ever asked yourself what is Diversity and Inclusion? Diversity and Inclusion are similar concepts- but do not have the same meaning. Diversity is the representation of different people in working teams. Inclusion, on the other hand, is the reassurance that every person in the team has equal opportunity to contribute in every aspect of the workplace. Now, why are they important for your startup?

How To Build A Successful Team

Effective teamwork is essential to success. The organizations need teams that are high-performing and can communicate clearly. As a supervisor or manager, you can contribute by cultivating strong teams and encouraging teamwork. In this blog, we discuss the key characteristics of a successful team and how to build your own.

10 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About HR

For any entrepreneur that has employees or hopes to hire employees in the future, this article is a must-read for you! Human resources (HR) is a critical part of every successful business and a necessity to protect and organize company practices. People are in the core of every business in the world, and having the right tools to start managing your people operations is at the tip of your fingers.