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6 Lessons Learned from a Venture Capital Managing Director

Perspectivas Globales sat down for a chat with Hemant Taneja, an investor, founder, and author. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation with Taneja.

10 Tips to Start a Non-Profit Organization in Puerto Rico

Through this blog, we hope to share useful tips and lessons that we have experienced first hand in the process of starting a nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico.

10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home Today

Want to start a business and don’t know where to begin? There is plenty of room for all kinds of entrepreneurs in all knowledge areas! Read about ten ideas to start your own business and kick-off a life where you work for yourself today!

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Talk with Patricia I. Colón of Moriviví

On September 22, I had the chance to interview Patricia I. Colón, co-owner of Moriviví, a women-owned company that produces essential natural care products for the face and body made by hand with natural and sustainable ingredients. Throughout the discussion, I was able to learn a lot about why this business began, global awareness, and how you can spread awareness through your venture also known as social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is defined as “the process by which individuals, startups, and entrepreneurs develop and fund solutions that directly address social issues.” This is exactly what Patricia wants to do with Moriviví: create awareness on ways the community can help the environment with personal care products such as deodorant, facial soaps and much more and you will see that through this interview. In this blog post, we summarize key moments and takeaways from this interview.

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Starting Projects

According to “When project management is done right, it helps every part of the business run more smoothly. It allows your team to focus on the work that matters, free from the distractions caused by tasks going off track or budgets spinning out of control. It empowers them to deliver results that impact the business’s bottom line. And it enables your employees to see how their work contributes to the company’s strategic goals.” The benefits of utilizing project management correctly cannot be overstated. Project management can help your startup succeed.

Students with Perspectives 2021: Project T.E.S.T- HSI

With the HSI Model in mind and affected by the rapid transition on online learning, each SwP 2021 intern conducted individual research and developed different learning strategies influenced by each of their academic concentrations; ranging from Psychology, Computer Science, Business and Biology/Education. These learning strategies were curated throughout the Summer 2021 with the end objective to share them with the education community right before the beginning of the new August 2021-May 2022 school year.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

Many things can happen when we enter the world of entrepreneurship, but it is up to you how to visualize and handle them. There are several ways to identify those aspects that do not work and generate effectiveness on it. Entrepreneurial ventures are fraught with missteps, mishaps, and mistakes. No matter how steeped you are in business-ownership experience, you are bound to run into problems at some point. The key to your success is to quickly identify your mistakes. Most business owners fall into the same traps. It’s those mistakes that could make the difference between owning a successful and viable small business or owning a money pit that could leave you in financial pain for years to come.

10 Helpful Lessons Learned From PG Startup Founders

Creating a startup as a new entrepreneur can lead you down a very bumpy road. Make your journey a little smoother with the 10 lessons learned from our startup founders.

Meet Hemant Taneja, Your Guide To Global Entrepreneurship

Meet Hemant Taneja, Your Guide To Global Entrepreneurship April 2, 2021 – Kalya Nuñez Defining Your Entrepreneurial Journey When starting out as a young, aspiring entrepreneur, the best way to learn the ropes quickly and efficiently is by sitting down with those who have already been through the process and asking as many questions as […]

10 Interesting Facts About Small Businesses You Need To Know

10 Interesting Facts About Small Businesses You Need To Know March 26, 2021 – Kalya Nuñez Are you thinking of starting your own business? See how you measure up with these 10 facts about small businesses that every aspiring entrepreneur should know before creating their own startup. Are You An Aspiring Entrepreneur? If you are […]