10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home Today

December 15, 2021 – Ariadna Quiles

Want to start a business and don’t know where to begin? There is plenty of room for all kinds of entrepreneurs in all knowledge areas! Read about ten ideas to start your own business and kick-off a life where you work for yourself today!

Start a Business From Your Computer

Nowadays, starting a business or a side-hustle can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! It is so easy that we have the possibility to wake up one day, open our computer, and start. It does not need time to commute, nor an office space; just your passion! You would be surprised as there are plenty of business ideas that you can execute at home.
Like everything in life, though, there are things we must consider before making a decision.

Pros of Owning a Small Business

  • You can sell your services to the world; depending on your company.
  • You can input your own hours and efforts; you are your own boss.
  • You can create social impact doing something you are passionate about.
  • You will move the local economy.
However, we would be lying if we said that everything was rainbows and lights…

Pros of Owning a Small Business

  • You are the sole spirit of your business (manage, pack, ship, store, produce, maintain relationships, and more by yourself most of the time).
  • Depending on your market, it can be highly competitive.
  • Income is not fixed… There are good days and bad days.
  • You will need to have permits and licenses to make your products and business legal.
Fear not! It is not always bad. Some ideas are much riskier than others, which can make the process of beginning a business much harder; however, in this blog we are offering you limited-to-no risk business ideas you can start today.
In other words, this is a low-to-no investment list created just for you: the aspiring entrepreneur.

1. Retailing Through Amazon

Buying items “in-bulk” is much cheaper than buying them through wholesale. You can start a business of selling products on high-demand and make reasonable profit now!
If you count on at least some cash to start your business, this could be a viable option for you. You can start researching products on ecommerce marketplaces like Alibaba & Handshake. Once you have chosen your products and quantities, you can become an Amazon Business Partner, where you do not have to take care of inventory handling, packing, or shipping any of your products; Amazon has you covered.
Don’t believe it? Watch these success stories of entrepreneurs selling their products through Amazon!

2. Consulting

Everyone needs advice or help one way or another. Feedback and actionable strategies are needed for business owners all over the world. Whether it be in arts, sciences, engineering, or social sciences; you can be sure that someone out there will need your knowledge so their business can prosper. Also, it can be done online (which means very little overhead costs)!
If you count with a degree or more than 5 years of experience in any given field of  engineering, business management, art, or social sciences, private consulting could be a good way to start a business with just you, your computer, and your brain.

3. Web Development

In today’s world, if your company does not have a website, you are missing out! Entrepreneurs are actively looking for people to help them with their business sites and you could be one to give them that service! If you have prior experience building websites or have the time to learn WordPress, GoDaddy, or some basic coding, web development is a well-paying business idea you can try.

4. Bookkeping Services

Everyone needs to keep their numbers up to date and not everyone likes to do it. Bookkeeping can have a great return on investment of time if done well and recommended. Additionally, unlike popular thought, you do not need to have an accounting degree to start a bookkeeping business. You can start a career as a bookkeeper with some courses (the Small Business Administration has a short course which you can complement with AccountingCoach courses!).

5. Freelance Work

A lot of businesses need help supporting their marketing, blogs, emails, scripts, copywriting, and overall content. Not every small business owner has the creative vein, the time, or the talent that you perhaps hold. If you have good writing, creative thinking skills or particular knowledge in a given subject (enough to support someone that does not know anything about it), you can see a possibility in freelance work. If you pair that up with some preparation or prior experience, you can call it a day!
If you would like to see into the opportunity to freelance, Localwise has a great list of freelance activities you can do from home.

6. Property Management

If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are your city has plenty of properties that are owned by people that do not live in that area. You can get some income in overlooking, controlling, and taking care of physical properties that are unused by their owners. If tenants need support, they can reach out to property managers to sync them up with solutions.
Disclaimer: This should not be mistaken with a Real-Estate Agent. Read this article by LinkedIn to see the differences.

7. Event Planning

Everyone has events in their life: weddings, birthdays, quinceañeras, corporate parties, among others. If you have a passion and are good at logistics and planning efforts, event planning has market potential around most geographic areas. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily need a certification on event planning to be an event planner, but they do have materials you can take under consideration to make the process easier for you and spend less time on organizing (which means more free time for you!).

8. Sell Homemade Products

Whether it be food, candles, jewelry, soap, art, clothes–the sky’s the limit–there is a market for people who like their things handmade, well-thought-out, done from the heart, and customized. You can take your creativity and your passions, bring them together, and make a business out of it! You can sell your products on social media, your website (you can start your own website through Shopify), Etsy, or Amazon if done in bigger bulk!
You don’t need prior preparation to start this type of business, but you do need time to produce, space at home for your inventory, and lots of passion for what you choose at the end of the day.

9. Expert Witness Service

Needed often to defend cases of patent litigation in the Federal Court, expert witness services are needed, very profitable, and often overlooked as an income alternative. If you count with the academic knowledge and 8+ years of field experience in sciences, engineering, or business, you could see potential for becoming an expert witness. Nevertheless, once you are hired as an expert witness, a lot of time will be invested in preparation and writing.
For more information on how to become an expert witness, you can contact us!

10. Stock Photography

Premium and free stock photo websites are actively looking for high quality pictures to license and give to their subscribers to stay competitive. You may have seen pictures from Shutterstock, Getty Images, or iStock — they need people who have good camera skills to take their pictures! Are you one of those people?

There’s no excuse to not start today!

There are many more alternatives to start businesses at home, but we have compiled a list of some of our favorites to benefit you and others to get you started on a self-managed life! Even if there are risks that come along with starting a business, you may be exactly what someone else is looking for. So, why not?
For more support on starting your business today, you can feel free to contact our team. We are looking forward to seeing you get started!
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