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Project TEST-HSI

The SwP team thought of a model called Human Systems Interconnection (HSI) model, inspired from the Open Systems Interconnection Model (OSI) model, that can add value to the struggle of online learning brought to Puerto Rican students, educators and parents. The Human Systems Interconnection (HSI) Model was introduced by Dr. José Meléndez, who created the behavioral model to promote self-awareness and help understand the root of people’s behaviours. By understanding your own behaviour and being aware of your working style you can help improve the hurdles you face daily. In an education setting, this can help you continuously improve on developing teaching styles and learning strategies that most suit you as an individual.

With the HSI Model in mind and affected by the rapid transition on online learning, each SwP 2021 intern conducted individual research and developed different learning strategies influenced by each of their academic concentrations; ranging from Psychology, Computer Science, Business, and Biology/Education. These learning strategies were curated throughout the Summer 2021 with the end objective to share them with the education community right before the beginning of the new August 2021-May 2022 school year. These four learning strategies are:

The interns designed a blogpost in which they posted everything related to the project and their TEST Week. Also you can watch a video for each learning strategy they developed through our YouTube channel:

Meet the team!

Yalanis Z. Vélez

Psychology Intern

"I'm aware that from my existence emerges great possibility. Recognize your potential."

Loriel Chung

Marketing Intern

"A positive attitude and a determined mind can have limitless possibilities"

Angely M. Toro

Academic Intern

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.” - Eric Butterworth.

José J. Vázquez

Comp. Science Intern

"Sometimes we are unable to perceive our own potential, but that doesn't mean we don't possess it. Always believe in yourself!"