Bias For Business

Most of us don’t like to think about our biases, or that we even have them. While it might be easier to think that biases can’t impact our business ventures if we don’t think about them, the opposite is true. Biases are important for every aspect of our business success as professionals so during the summer of 2020 the SwP internship program gave interns the opportunity to develop a new Bias Education program.

The mission was to help businesses and other organizations behave in accordance with their own values and goals each and every day. For this, the Bias for Business’ team of interns developed a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship seminar mini-series, where Perspectivas Globales provided participants with knowledge regarding the importance of human bias to help each participant succeed as a person, professional, and entrepreneur. Through bias education, Bias for Business helped people better understand themselves so they could align their thoughts and actions to work along with their personal or professional goals.

The mini-seminar series is available now and focuses on The Origins of Bias, Identifying your bias, and Managing, Modifying and Creating Biases to give you the tools you need to make the best out of your abilities. Watch our videos on our YouTube channel:

Meet the Team!

Yalanis Z. Vélez

Psychology Intern

"I'm aware that from my existence emerges great possibility. Recognize your potential."

Chaliana Rolón

Research Program Intern

Michael Delgado

Research Program Intern

Diego A. González

Research Program Intern