get to know Vivianna C. Morales Castillo

Associate Project Manager

Vivianna C. Morales Castillo is senior undergraduate student in Industrial Engineering minoring in Project Management at University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Ms. Morales Castillo’s biggest milestone as an undergraduate is founding and being the acting President of the Project Management Student Association (PMSA). This is a multidisciplinary student organization that helps students develop responsibility, initiative, leadership, and companionship through planning, development, mentoring, and project execution by having the opportunity to lead real-life projects. Currently, Ms. Morales Castillo is the Project Management Assistant at Perspectivas Globales and is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing projects for our clients. Ms. Morales Castillo aspires to be a consultant and believes Perspectivas Globales has provided her the workforce experience firsthand.