Member Companies


"We are FindItPR because when it comes to real estate for purchase or rent, to live in or for your business, you don't want to search, you want to Find It."

Immersive Learning

"We use "fun tech" to develop and deliver engaging educational programs for children and young adults that promote lifelong learning."


"Flexio is a cargo transportation network that leverages the sharing economy model to provide the next level of Last-Mile Delivery Service for companies and individuals."


"ACOMERPR is providing at-risk geriatric communities & earthquake emergency shelter residents throughout PR with access to food & medical resources that they would otherwise have no way of acquiring in the wake of the COVID-19 Crisis."


"At WATRIC Energy Resources, we believe in using innovation to drive sustainability. Our vision is that by developing solutions and implementing new techniques for resource extraction & renewable energy and making them accessible to people, we can help make the whole world sustainable."


"Nuestra Misión es proveer un servicio de salud en el hogar dedicado a la toma de muestras clínicas para pacientes de todas las edades y condiciones en Puerto Rico. Como Visión deseamos impactar positivamente el sistema de salud a través de tecnologías y servicios clínicos de excelencia."


"Ludistech is an online platform that guides professional sports communities to develop well-structured data and analytics of its games and players’ performances. This platform adds value to sports teams making their statistics instantly automatic, accessible to sport interested investors, sports enthusiasts, and other countries. Ludistech’s mission is to bring high-class software resources to Latin American sports communities that help them intensify their performance and brings visibility to sports enthusiasts and investors."